After an audience with the gods, Odin has agreed to grant us his blessing.

This blessing, commonly called ‘wedding’ in Midgard’s realm, will take place Friday 13th of October of 2023 at ‘Hacienda La Caridad’, Alcalá de Guadaíra, Seville.

We have prepared a feast that we’d like you to enjoy, it will be a different type of celebration with Nordic themes and decor.

Dress code is free, etiquette is not required, come dressed as you want everything is fine!

Please RSVP before the 1st of September.

Patricia: +34 649.927.660


Juan: +44 7.821.829.079

Countdown Expired!

This is the location of the place where the wedding will take place.

There will be a bus service with pickup and drop off at both Prado de San Sebastián and
Plaza de Armas (city of Seville)

Hacienda la Caridad